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Alexander Symonds

George Street Tunnel - Colour July19 [A042519]

Site with 9 setups.

GPO Facade

GPO Facade

A010719 Scotties Corner

Site with 15 setups.

Grandstand TruView

Site with 9 scan positions.

SAHMRI George Street- Colour June19 [A042519]

Site with 135 setups.

Gooseneck Scans Greyscale-June19 [A057819]

Site with 3 setups.

A019519 QEH Facade

Site with 20 setups.

A169116 Grandstand Rooms

Site with 61 scan positions.

Oxidation Furnace Greyscale-July2019[A057819]

Site with 4 setups.

A037619 Mansions Heritage

Site with 26 setups.

Shed TruView

Site with 9 scan positions.